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The SpineCor System and treatment protocol

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

The Dynamic SpineCor orthosis, developed in 1992-93, uses a specific Corrective Movement  which is dependant of the type of the curve. Curve classification was based on the classification of Leroux and Coillard. For the treatment, the curve specific Corrective Movement  is performed and the orthosis is applied according to definitions contained in the SpineCor Assistant Software.


All the health providers need to complete a two-phase training course before fitting the SpineCor orthosis. The first phase involves reviewing of all information necessary to understand the “Corrective Movement Principle”, the specific classifications and a workshop to fit the orthosis following these different corrective movements. The second phase consists of fitting the brace at their own practice of at least three or four patients with the help of a recognized trainer.


In order to be effective and to obtain a neuromuscular integration the orthosis must maintain and amplify the corrective movement over time. Additionally, the orthosis must be worn 20 hours a day for a minimum of 18 months to create a neuromuscular integration of the Corrective Movement  through active bio feedback.  Generally, the orthosis is stopped at skeletal maturity (at least Risser 4).

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