scoliosis doctor cattarulla
Dr. Lisa Cattarulla – GA

Meet Scoliosis Doctor Cattarulla


As Co-Founder of Scoliosis Specialists, Dr. Lisa Cattarulla has been leading people toward optimal health since 1993. 

Dr. Cattarulla’s early career as a chiropractor focused on serving family health and wellness, caring for children and adults of all ages.  During that time she came across many young people suffering from scoliosis, and she and her partner, Dr. Brian Ouellette, became frustrated with the lack of viable treatments and predictable outcomes for those patients.  At the time the most prevalent method of treatment those suffering from Scoliosis was hard/ rigid bracing, which is antithetical to healthy spinal movement and flexibility.

Dr. Cattarulla and Dr. Ouellette’s passion for helping Scoliosis patients led them to investigate a dynamic new bracing system created by SpineCor in the UK.  The SpineCor Brace allows for spinal flexibility, placing the patient in a globally-corrected position, which creates strength and stability.  Most importantly, clinical information showed that the SpineCor Brace was helping patients gain correction and avoid surgery. Dr. Cattarulla and Dr. Ouellette became certified providers of the brace and quickly began seeing dramatically positive clinical results in their patients.

Today Dr. Cattarulla no longer provides chiropractic services, as she is singularly focused on treating Scoliosis and has hundreds of pediatric and adult scoliosis patients currently under treatment with the SpineCor Brace. “I’ve spent my entire career helping people improve the quality of their life through health, and now that the SpineCor brace is available to Scoliosis sufferers, I am dedicated to helping them live more comfortable, healthier, and fuller lives,” she said.