scoliosis doctor coffman
Dr. Joe Coffman – FL

Meet Scoliosis Doctor Coffman


Dr. Joe Coffman is the only doctor in South Florida certified in the SpineCor scoliosis bracing system. He has a passion and sympathy for those needing scoliosis treatment and continues to develop not only the SpineCor program but also specific chiropractic rehab protocols to further help with these and other complicated spinal problems.

Dr. Coffman had the benefit of practicing with his father and father-in-law. He believes that mentoring has provided him with valuable experience and the ability to care for a varied patient community, from infant to 98 year olds; from quadriplegics to professional athletes.

Growing up in Kansas City, MO and Chattanooga, TN, Dr. Joe was an accomplished athlete, musician and Eagle Scout.

In his practice, he continually seeks advanced education to improve the care he provides his patients.