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Our Scoliosis Doctors are fully certified by SpineCor to provide the SpineCor Scoliosis Brace, which has achieved unmatched results in reducing or stopping the scoliotic curvature in randomized clinical studies. Beyond clinical results, our doctors have had impressive success using the revolutionary SpineCor brace to help hundreds of children to avoid spine surgery, and adults to alleviate pain, improve their scoliosis-related posture issues, and live more fulfilled lives.

This page lists our scoliosis doctors, alphabetically, and contains brief biographical and location information. If you would like to search for the scoliosis specialist nearest you, you might want to use our FIND A DOCTOR tool.

Dr. Tom Pappas

Chicago, IL
Photo of Dr. Tom Pappas

Biographical Info

Dr. Pappas, a veteran Scoliosis Doctor in Chicago, has been practicing since 1996. Since Spinecor certification in 2003, Dr. Pappas has trained and certified more than 50 providers across the US and continues to do so. He is currently certified in Spinecor adolescent and adult bracing, and in SpineCor corrective movement principles and exercises. He is the only certified provider of this type in Illinois as well as one of only few in the country.   He is credited with some of the most successful outcomes using the SpineCor brace.

“We have trained in and tried several conservative management protocols for treating scoliosis. The SpineCor brace has proven itself over the past 20 years to be the most effective treatment in halting progression and maintaining permanent correction. There is no other treatment that has provided better results in our facilities.”

Dr. Pappas has offices in Chicago and Arlington Heights, Illinois.

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