Scoliosis Exercises Plus This Item Can Optimize Scoliosis Treatment

Due to increasing healthcare costs and spotty coverage, the cost and risks of spinal surgery, and the ineffectiveness and lack of compliance that comes with rigid braces, patients have sought alternatives to traditional treatments. Many scoliosis exercise programs have emerged as alternatives. Since we have been treating scoliosis cases for decades, utilizing various methods in the process, we have determined that exercises for scoliosis are unlikely to correct the scoliosis exercisesdisorder by themselves. However, we have found that the right scoliosis exercises conducted while in the SpineCor Brace are a highly effective corrective combination.

The SpineCor Brace is clinically proven in multiple studies to correct and maintain correction by addressing the disorder multi-dimensionally or globally. SpineCor allows the wearer to retain a full range of motion necessary for regular activity and exercise. This enables muscle memory building in support of the corrected position provided by the brace.

Exercise Without Global-Repositioning Is Simply A Risk

Exercise such as pilates, yoga and Schroth have health benefits. However, exercises conducted not in a corrected position with the SpineCor brace risk destabilizing and worsening scoliosis curves.  ManyComplex Scoliosis Exercises patients find Schroth exercises too complex to complete without a specialist present. This can lead to extensive sessions. Yet, Schroth is often advertised as a “Do It Yourself” method. Schroth was designed to accommodate muscle atrophy that comes with wearing a rigid Rigo-Cheneau brace. In many cases, we don’t recommend rigid bracing, mainly due to risks of muscle atrophy and low compliance.  No muscle atrophy will occur with SpineCor physiotherapy programs.  Therefore, it is neither necessary nor recommended for SpineCor brace patients to participate in any Schroth or Nu-Schroth programs.

Our Recommendations

SpineCor exercises feature a scoliosis exercise program designed to accommodate each curve classification, including 0040193_stamina-1399-air-rower-machineexercises for kyphosis (hyperkyphosis).  The exercise program is both passive and active.  Passively, simply wearing the brace and staying active will support a corrected position. Exaggerating the corrected posture with specific SpineCor exercises designed for a specific curve type is the active protocol CLICK FOR DETAILS.

Simple Exercise Protocol

The GREAT (Global Repositioning Exercise And Therapy) exercise method, to be completed while wearing the SpineCor Scoliosis Brace, is very simple. Patients train their muscles to maintain a corrected position with simple exercise.

Those treating scoliosis with SpineCor are encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle while in the brace. This includes playing sports, walking, running, hiking, bicycling, rowing, etc. Swimming can be done out of brace. To avoid unusual wear and tear, the swimmer can put the brace on shortly after drying off.

Receive our complimentary GREAT exercise video by completing the contact form in the right-hand column and place “scoliosis exercises” in the comments field. You can also call us at your regional toll-free # in the top banner. Please include any details about your specific scoliosis so that our doctors will be informed when they reply.