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No Other Scoliosis Brace Comes Near The Success Rate Achieved By The SpineCor Brace.

Scoliosis brace treatments will never be the same. First of all, you can avoid surgery and bulky, rigid braces with the flexible SpineCor brace. Furthermore, SpineCor is proven to treat scoliosis in children and adults. Above all, the scoliosis brace is fitted by certified scoliosis doctors in the U.S. Therefore, you can be confident that you will get quality treatment. Call us today to get started. Click for more about scoliosis or kyphosis treatment. Click here for information about financing.

Lucy's Story

After Lucy was diagnosed with scoliosis, her family started looking at treatment options. They found that with hard braces that treat scoliosis Lucy's range of motion and activity would be limited. Lucy would have to spend the next couple years confined to a brace that would be bulky and limiting. She was also worried about what the other kids would say about her brace.
Lucky for Lucy, her family discovered the SpineCor brace. With the Spinecor brace, Lucy was able to wear a flexible brace during the day that gave her a full range of motion and was able to be worn under her clothing. Soon Lucy got used to her brace and began to forget that she was even wearing it. As time passed, Lucy's scoliosis began to diminish until her spine curvature returned to normal. Now as an adult, her spine has stabilized, and she enjoys a pain free life.

Flexible Bracing and Scoliosis Treatment

If you have been seeking an alternative to surgery and uncomfortable rigid braces, you owe it to yourself to contact us. What to expect from the SpineCor Scoliosis Brace:
- Treat Scoliosis and maintain a full range of motion.
- Eliminate muscle atrophy while increasing tone in a corrected posture.
- Eliminate pain.
- Halt Scoliosis before it gets worse.
- Improved spinal curve.
- And, it stays hidden when worn beneath regular clothing.
- Only non-surgical method proven in randomized, published clinical studies.
- Above all, SpineCor decreases the need for surgeries.
- Finally, SpineCor is Reimbursed by some INSURANCE plans (Click For Details).

  • Erica
    Dr. Ouelette has been such a blessing to our family when every other Dr the past 2 years told us there was no hope and surgery was our only option for my daughter's severe idiopathic scoliosis. SpineCor has already been beneficial in less than 3months my daughter is no longer in constant pain and her curvature has not progressed. I’m forever grateful we found this place!
  • Always very friendly and helpful with all my questions and even though I parade around in my new best friend, i.e. brace and shorts, I always feel at home. thanks for everything.
  • Everyone was so kind, positive, & helpful! Very happy with my visit today (:
  • Everyone that I spoke to was extremely nice, helpful, and prompt. I couldn't believe it.
  • Everything was awesome! As of this moment, it seems like this is going to be a hard road...they said it gets better. I am looking forward to that part. ;))
  • Always willing to explain everything in detail and always a pleasure.

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