Introducing The Corrective Movement Principle®

What Is The CMP Brace?

A CMP brace is a rigid brace that is asymmetrical in design. Unlike other rigid braces, it utilises curve classification and corrective movement principles, offering an optimally focused correction. The CMP brace is worn for 20 hours a day. The brace can be removed for sports, dance, physical therapy, and other activities as long as it falls within the 4-hour window of when the brace is not worn.

Treatment Outcomes

Provides a degree of curve correction

• Depending on the type of scoliosis and when the bracing starts, the CMP brace can provide curve reduction of the spine.

Prevents or slows curve progression

• For some patient's scoliosis, the brace will stabilise the curve and stop scoliosis from worsening.

• For other patient's scoliosis, the brace will help slow the progression of the disease to where surgical treatment is no longer necessary

• If surgery is needed wearing the brace can reduce the degree of surgical intervention that is needed.

Provide Physical Support

• For Neuromuscular cases, the brace can prevent a spinal collapse

Take Advantage of Our Unique Curve Classification System

Fully customized night time, part-time scoliosis braces, each as unique as every patient’s curve. Unlike the simple classification systems used by other brace designs, CMP Brace curve classification is ultra-specific, considering far more than just the number of curves, spinal levels and direction. Therefore, our specialists can treat curves more specifically.

CAD/CAM Tech Delivers Optimal Comfort & Accuracy

Our clinical team has over 75 years in scoliosis bracing and uses the latest Rodin 4-D software to accurately model each brace to fit individual patients, considering the specific curve type, the magnitude and rigidity of each curve. Consequently, no two patients’ CMP braces will be the same.

Patients Get To Design Their Own Brace

Patients can choose the color of their brace shell, special graphic transfers and stickers to make it their own. If you’re interested in Schroth exercises, or would like to determine if you or your child is a candidate, fill out and submit the form on this site (be specific), or call the appropriate phone #, above! We’re here to help.

Types Of CMP Braces

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