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Dr. Pappas has been on the forefront of scoliosis care and research for 25 years. After post-doctoral training and education under Montreal's St. Justines Children's Hospital orthopedic surgeons Dr. Charles Rivard and Christine Coillard, Dr. Pappas became one of the first SpineCor providers in the U.S. Since 2003, Dr. Pappas has trained over 50 doctors on conservative scoliosis procedures.

Currently, all facilities focus on the implementation of today's best available conservative treatment options for scoliosis management in adolescents and adults.
Maddie In Brace
Maddie Straight Spine

Madie's Story

To say that Madie is thrilled with the SpineCor Brace is an understatement. After all, when Madie and her concerned parents came to us, she had a 48 degree curve with several high-growth years ahead of her. Like most children, Madie was non-compliant with the Boston brace because it was uncomfortable and bulky. During that time, Madie’s curve progressed 7 degrees.

In 2012, 7-year-old Madie was referred to Dr. Tom Pappas with Scoliosis Specialists in Chicago by surgeons at St. Justine’s Children’s Hospital in Montreal. She brought her x-ray taken a year prior at 41 degrees. She was fitted with the SpineCor brace in order to correct what had progressed to a 48 degree scoliosis curve.

The dynamic (flexible) SpineCor Brace, conversely allows for full range of motion and is much more comfortable to wear. Furthermore, she could wear SpineCor under her clothing to help ease her social worries and allow her to participate in any exercise or sport of her choosing.

SpineCor Dynamic Corrective Bracing for adolescents and adults

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CMP, CMP Lite and CMP Night-time hypercorrective bracing options


Combination Bracing: SpineCor + CMP night-time brace




Patient Case 1:

19 year old adult with noticeable curve correction

Curve was corrected from 39.7 to 24.9 degrees

Patient also saw a 100% reduction in pain

19 year old adult with correction and 100% pain relief

Patient Case 2:

13 year old female

15-degree correction wearing A SpineCor dynamic corrective brace.

Also demonstrates the importance of a shoe lift when indicated.


Patient Case 3:

13 year old female treated with the SpineCor corrective brace.

Shoe lift was also placed to level out lower back and pelvis.


Patient Case 4:

15 year old male

No curve progression after one year in SpineCor brace

Patient also grew 4 cm.


Patient Case 5:

34 year old female post surgical contribution to poor coronal posture.

Multiple rounds of physical therapy, aqua therapy, spinal injections, acupuncture, medicine, pain management, stem stimulator trial and massage without relief.

Note the postural correction on initial day of treatment and with 1 month of SpineCor treatment.


Our Process

Consultation & Patient Assessment

Left untreated, scoliosis will worsen with growth in adolescents, and with aging in adults.

Consultation and assessment are necessary to properly classify the type of scoliosis, its risk for progression, and to apply the optimal treatment goals and recommendations for each specific case

Testimonial For Spinecor

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Implementation of Treatment

After consultation and clinical examination, the appropriate treatment is administered and followed closely according to case risk, age, skeletal maturity, and outcome goals.

This may require quarterly, semi-annually, or annual follow up examinations.

Explore Options to Mitigate Progression

After thousands of patient cases, our aim is to provide options tailored to lifestyle, scoliosis type, risk, and outcome.

While brace options are the most common and useful mitigation strategies, your doctor will assess and review all available options to halt progression and support improvement of scoliosis in each specific case.

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