Scoliosis Doctor Halcomb
Dr. Halcomb – TN

Meet Scoliosis Doctor, Halcomb


Dr. Halcomb received her Bachelor of Nutrition and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees from LIfe University in Marietta, Georgia.  She uses a combination of techniques including the Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, and Thompson Drop.  In addition, she is the only Chiropractor in TN trained and certified to treat idiopathic scoliosis utilizing the revolutionary, non-rigid SpineCor corrective brace. She is qualified by the National and State of TN Boards and is a member of the TN Chiropractic Association.  She volunteers her time giving community and corporate health talks, health screenings, and school scoliosis screenings.  She has been helping patients since 1998.