SpineCor Results For Pediatric Patients


I am the mother of Mégane who was treated with the SpineCor Dynamic Corrective Brace.  My daughter had excellent results; her curve has gone from a 32 degree curve to -1 degrees because she had an overcorrection.   This week her treatment has ended and we are very happy.

We thank Dr. Coillard and Dr. Rivard for having so generously helped us and for never having given up on Mégane.  Thanks to you, Mégane has had an excellent quality of life whilst being able to continue her diving, and today she is cured of her scoliosis.  We will be forever grateful to you.




I found out that I had scoliosis at the age of six.  I went to Shiners Hospital and they put me in a Boston Brace.  My life was miserable.  I didn’t want to wear it because it was hard, big, bulky, and it hurt.  I never wore it and my curve went from 41 degrees to 48 degrees in that brace.  My parents researched for other options and we found out about the SpineCor brace.

It was a soft brace and I could move, bend, sit, stand and do a lot of things I couldn’t do in the Boston Brace.  I have been wearing my brace for 5 years now and I love it.

When I wear my brace people barely even know I have it on.  My spine went from a 48 degrees curve to a 6 degree curve out of brace.  When my friends ask me what brace I recommend, I say the SpineCor brace and go and see Dr. Pappas in Chicago.  We travel from Frankfort, KY to Chicago just to see Dr. Pappas because we trust his knowledge of this brace and his care for me.

I owe the success of my curve to him.  I would recommend this brace to anyone who asks for my recommendation.

We are currently unable to obtain the latest X-ray but as Madie tells us above the Cobb angle now measures 6 degrees. Madie will continue using her brace until she stops growing.



Laura was treated in her brace from February 2012 to October 2014.  She had a curve from T9 to L3 with an apex at T12 and a Cobb angle of 24°, and Coronal Balance (the shift of the spine) of T12 measuring 37mm left.

At the end of treatment her Cobb angle measured just 7° and the shift left of T12 measured only 7mm left.

A key factor in this excellent outcome was the compliance of the patient, ensuring she wore the brace its full 20 hours a day.




Andrea was treated with the SpineCor Dynamic Corrective Brace from December 2012 to December 2014.

At the start of treatment the upper curve measured 29° and the lower curve measured 36°. The Coronal Balance (shift of the spine) at T12 measured 9mm left.

At the end of treatment the upper curve measured 23°, the lower curve measured 26° and the Coronal Balance at T12 measured 5mm left.
This patient was very compliant with treatment, helping her to achieve an excellent outcome.




This 12 years and 7 month old girl was treated for almost 4 years from February 2003 to January 2007.

At the start of treatment the curve measured 20°.  During treatment the lumbar curve gradually reduced in Cobb angle to the point at which it measured zero degrees at the end of treatment.





This 15 year old female was treated with the SpineCor brace for her low back pain.  The back pain resolved and her Cobb angle reduced from 20 degrees at the start of treatment to 2 degrees 18 months later.  A shoe lift was used on the left side to help to make the pelvis/sacrum level.





Our daughter, Laurence, has worn her SpineCor Dynamic Corrective brace since the age of five and a half years.  She is eleven years old and her scoliosis went from 35 degrees to 11 degrees.  In her brace, her scoliosis is currently at 6 degrees.

Laurence has been wearing the SpineCor brace 20 hours a day, 365 days a year for five and a half years.  The SpineCor brace, due to its flexibility, has allowed our daughter to lead a normal school life and to participate and excel in activities such as horse riding, skiing and cycling.  Our daughter takes part in all of these activities while wearing her brace!

The SpineCor Dynamic Corrective brace is an engineering marvel that, in addition to being effective, takes into account the effect on the well-being, self-esteem and quality of life in patients with scoliosis.



Our daughter Emma has been in the SpineCor Dynamic Corrective brace now for 8 months and is almost 13 yrs old.  At night she wears a Providence rigid brace as we decided to combine the two treatments.

She is stable at 35 degrees and will very likely avoid surgery.  SpineCor has held her curve even through 4 inches of growth in 4 months!

As a dedicated dancer and competitive skier-SpineCor has been a god send for Emma.  It has enabled her to continue all her activities to the full extent and be herself in the day with only minor adjustments.  As far as I am concerned the SpineCor Dynamic Corrective brace is worth every penny paid if it can ensure my daughter’s happiness and confidence and mobility during scoliosis and bracing.



Hello my name is Marjorie and I have been wearing a SpineCor Dynamic Corrective brace since I was seven.

Five years ago when my family doctor told me that I had scoliosis, me and my mother went to St Justine Hospital.  That day I was worried, but on meeting Dr Rivard I began to familiarise myself with the brace.  Today, the brace is part of my life.

I had a double scoliosis; my spine was twisted and had two curves.  Now, I’m corrected and I am a little less twisted than at the start.  I think that this is a great invention and I believe that this brace can still help me, because even as I write this letter, I am still wearing my brace.  Myself, my stepsister, my friend wear the brace like me and they are all satisfied with the result.



My Spinecor brace, without a doubt, changed my life. I unusually have three curves in my spine ranging between 28 and 42 degrees. Under my doctors advice, I wore a SpineCor brace for nearly two years due to a considerable amount of back pain.

It has helped immensely. It has stopped the progression of my curves, it eases my back pain considerably and someone even pointed out the other day my commendable posture. furthermore, it has made me a much stronger person inside not only the outside; I have become more patient, positive and understanding of other’s problems.

I owe a lot to my wonderful doctors and the SpineCor team.